Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost One Year on Etsy!

A lot can happen in a year!

Eternal Eden's Etsy Shop is approaching its one year anniversary at the end of the month! And I'm gearing up for what promises to be a busy Fall wedding and holiday season. Exciting!

It's been an interesting year.I'd like to share a few of the lessons I've learned along the way...

1. Follow your passion. Be true to your creative voice. Don't sell out to the trends unless you feel the trends truly express you. Create what brings you joy and your enthusiasm will draw the buyers in.

2. Have a sense of urgency. When presented with a sales opportunity, jump on it, QUICK! Fast responses, quick custom orders, and fast shipping will bind your customer to you faster than you can blink.

3. Discouragement happens. Fix whatever you can and then move on. Negativity is cancer, so get over it. Just refocus and try again. Get educated, try something new. You never know down what avenue success may lie.

4. Social Networking is a powerful tool. And also a powerful waste of time unless leveraged correctly. Find the venue that works best for you and focus on that. Spreading yourself too thin over too many online portals just wastes valuable creative time.

5. Wine is the best creative lubricant. Ever. Hands down.

And now I'm off to cook up some surprises to celebrate the one year anniversary of Eternal Eden. Ciao!

♥ Elizabeth


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