Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Shopping!

I am usually a last minute Christmas Eve shopper, frantically grabbing gifts and stuffing them into whatever kind of wrapping I can find. Not so this year. My family is facing some major changes in the new year and I decided to make things easy on myself this Christmas.

Ornaments by Alice's Looking Glass

So I turned to Etsy to find inspired handmade gifts for my family and friends. I've been so pleased with the caliber of craftsmanship and the attention to detail in each one of my purchases that I just have to share them with the world!

The majority of my shopping was done in Flying Bird Botanical's shop. The owner, Scout, has beautifully packaged organic hand-mixed loose leaf teas, and organic bath and body products. Below is her After Dinner Mint loose leaf tea, which is a gift for a special someone in my family.

I also visited Lilac Avenue's shop for handmade scented soy candles. The candle below is Christmas Tree Pine and it smells so good I want to eat it. I might just have to purchase one of these for myself!

Christmas cards were a must to go with all this handmade deliciousness, and I turned to Etc. By Christie, a brand new Etsy shop! I had the privilege of being her first sale which just gives me all kinds of chills. The gorgeous and impeccably crafted card I received gave me further chills! This card is a gift in itself.

And what is a great gift without great wrapping? Vintage Dye provided me with darling gift tags with a nice aged vintage touch. The shop owner was nice enough to make me a custom listing with the exact number of tags I needed!

All in all, my holiday shopping experience this year was the best ever. I never even had to leave the comfort of my couch and ended up with the most incredible gifts!

And in the spirit of simplification this year, I've added gift sets to Eternal Eden's product line. I've taken some of my best selling items and grouped them into coordinating handy dandy gift sets - complete with a nice discount! It's dummy-proof holiday shopping. Stop in and check them out! Gift Sets

Apricot Gift Set

English Rose Gift Set

Here's to a warm and happy Thanksgiving everyone! And take my advice, forget the mall. Spend your Black Friday weekend on Etsy! :)

♥ Elizabeth

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Wedding and Other Festivities

Eternal Eden had a fun custom bridal order last week!  Isn't red just the perfect color for a winter wedding? The rings looked so pretty together I just had to snap a photo. Can you guess whose is whose?

Meanwhile, Eden's Angels has officially launched! I'm very excited to see what direction this new venture takes. Have you checked out the new shop yet?

Poinsettia Headband

It's hard to believe that winter is on its way and the holidays are already upon us! I hope we can all stay sane and enjoy those special moments. Wishing you much joy and happiness in the upcoming months!

♥ Elizabeth

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

You've hinted, you've suggested, you've cajoled - you've even demanded. Well at long last Eternal Eden is adding a children's line!

Vivienne Headband

This will be an entirely new shop dedicated to what little girls are made of: sugar and spice and everything nice! You'll find flower headbands, flower hair clips, and even tiny earrings! All handmade (mostly hand-sewn) with lots of love by yours truly.

Pink Starburst Headband

I've decided to call the shop Eden's Angels, and am planning the grand opening on November 1st. Just in time for the holidays!

Gwendolyn Headband

I'm so excited about this new venture! Stay tuned for more info!
♥ Elizabeth

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jewelry Display Frame

What can you get with wire cutters, some spray paint and some sand paper? Why a clever little jewelry display frame, that's what!

I decided to undertake a DIY project this week after deciding that my current method of storing Eternal Eden's Earrings was less than ideal...(Picture a big shelf with a bunch of haphazard boxes and no light to see what I'm looking for).

So I grabbed an old picture frame and took some sand paper to it with a vengeance. The goal was a distressed, shabby chic look.

Then I spray painted some wire mesh a matte metallic champagne color, and used wire cutters to cut it down to the 11x14 dimensions of the frame.

Word to the wise if you decide to do this yourself...wear gloves! The wire is sharp and my little hands are paying the price today.

Last, using the frame's own metal tabs, I fastened the wire to the inside of the frame, and voila! A functional and chic jewelry display frame!

I enjoyed this project so much I'm now thinking of adding jewelry display frame's to Eternal Eden's regular inventory. If only I had the tools to make jewelry boxes too!

Until next time,
♥ Elizabeth

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One year on Etsy! It's time for a BO GO Sale!

One year ago today I finally decided I was brave enough to tackle the competitive online marketplace that is Etsy. Knowing jobs in this small Southern town would be scarce, I put my heart and soul into making Eternal Eden everything it could be.

Autumn Vineyard Earrings
One year later, here we are! It's been a long learning process, filled with lots of boogie men, the big bad wolf, and a few pieces of really awful jewelry, but overall I'm pretty proud of where Eternal Eden is today.

Aspen Necklace
So let's celebrate with a sale shall we? I'm hosting a one day BO GO (Buy One Get One) sale on ALL items in my shop today! You've got two options...

1) Buy One, Get One Half Off
2) Buy Three, Get One Free

You'll receive the discount off the item of equal or lesser value (We all know how this works thanks to Payless Shoe Source, don't we?) Since Etsy doesn't have a convenient way to set this up internally, I will refund your purchase via Paypal. I swear to you, by my intense paranoia of receiving nasty negative feedback that I WILL follow through with your refund :)

Sale will end at Midnight, CST so if you've got your eye on a few pieces, today is the day!

Happy Shopping!
♥ Elizabeth

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Organized work space = Bliss

Seriously. Bliss. Today I decided to get Eternal Eden organized!

Yesterday, The World's Best Mother in Law sent me an enormous box of semi-precious stones. It was like Christmas, no actually BETTER than Christmas. I was literally beside myself with glee!

And that's when I realized that in honor of my new semi-precious treasures, I needed to get serious about my work space. So today I trotted off to the store and finally purchased a real work desk, a lamp and a yummy scented candle. After all if I'm going to make pretty things, the room should smell just as pretty while I'm doing it, right?

And then the fun part was over and the organizing (or should I say agonizing?) began. A few hours later this pretty picture emerged:

I had this genius idea to use my photo board to "store" Eternal Eden's hair accessories. Works out so perfect, and looks so pretty on my wall too!

A place for everything, everything in its place. I even moved the printer upstairs so I can whip out shipping labels in a jiffy.

I'd say Eternal Eden is just about ready for the holiday season! Are you? ;)

♥ Elizabeth

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost One Year on Etsy!

A lot can happen in a year!

Eternal Eden's Etsy Shop is approaching its one year anniversary at the end of the month! And I'm gearing up for what promises to be a busy Fall wedding and holiday season. Exciting!

It's been an interesting year.I'd like to share a few of the lessons I've learned along the way...

1. Follow your passion. Be true to your creative voice. Don't sell out to the trends unless you feel the trends truly express you. Create what brings you joy and your enthusiasm will draw the buyers in.

2. Have a sense of urgency. When presented with a sales opportunity, jump on it, QUICK! Fast responses, quick custom orders, and fast shipping will bind your customer to you faster than you can blink.

3. Discouragement happens. Fix whatever you can and then move on. Negativity is cancer, so get over it. Just refocus and try again. Get educated, try something new. You never know down what avenue success may lie.

4. Social Networking is a powerful tool. And also a powerful waste of time unless leveraged correctly. Find the venue that works best for you and focus on that. Spreading yourself too thin over too many online portals just wastes valuable creative time.

5. Wine is the best creative lubricant. Ever. Hands down.

And now I'm off to cook up some surprises to celebrate the one year anniversary of Eternal Eden. Ciao!

♥ Elizabeth

Friday, August 27, 2010

All that Glitters

My craving for cooler weather has led me to choose some lovely (and frosty) crystal pieces this week!

This Raindrops Bracelet (ah rain, please come soon!) by He Knows My Name is exactly what I needed to escape the harsh August sun and remember cooler times. So lovely and glamorous!

I am completely enamored with this Rhinestone Headband/Sash by Snow White Studio. Fashion meets function with this gorgeous duel usage accessory. It reminds me of a cold snow covered morning in the mountains...divine!

This Bridal Feather Fascinator looks soft as a pillow and glitters like ice. Bridal Couture brings the temperature down a bit with this lovely hair accessory!

I've offered my own spin on the icy glamor of crystal with my Gatsby Bridal Fascinator, new from Eternal Eden. This was a fun foray into sparkle and shine, and definitely reflects my growing weariness of the Southern heat!

Fall, my dearest Autumn, you are sorely missed. Come quickly!

♥ Elizabeth

Friday, August 13, 2010

Winery Wedding

My wonderful husband and I were married at a winery almost 2 years ago. As the fall season approaches I can't help but reminisce about our perfect day.

My only regret is that I didn't know about Etsy when I was planning it! If I'd had even an inkling of the gorgeously innovative items to be found there I would have been in heaven. So I've decided to step back in time and plan my wedding, Etsy style!

I didn't have a garter toss, but this Ivory Satin Pearl Garter by Natalie Briggs would have changed my mind about that in a heartbeat. Good thing it comes with a throw away garter, because this beauty is too gorgeous to be hanging from some guy's rear view!

Our table centerpieces were grapes with fresh grape vines. Only problem was, the vines wilted within minutes of putting them on the table...Doh! If only I had known about these Wine Bottle Hurricanes by Johnny Rich 10. Talk about a wine lover's perfect centerpiece! So gorgeous.

We chose Merlot and Ivory for our wedding colors. We opted for fresh deep red roses as our cake topper, but I guarantee you I would have found a place for these adorable Love Birds by Felt Me Up Designs somewhere. Don't they just melt your heart?!

We were cheap and skipped wedding favors. Yeah I know, shame on me. Whatever. But these? These are a wedding favor I can really get excited about. Keychain Wine Cork Favors by Peanut Bearys. Total genius. I repent of my favor-less cheapness and beg forgiveness!

This has been so much fun I think I'll have to insist on a 5 year renewal ceremony so that I can incorporate all the delicious items I missed the first time around ;)

Eternal Eden is gearing up for the fall wedding season in all it's glory! Here are a couple of new highlights for fall in my shop...

Butter Cream Hair Pins - Ivory velvet hydrangea hair pins with pearl centers.

Scarlet Hair Comb
- Deep red velvet hydrangea hair comb with pearl centers.

Blush Earrings
- Petite champagne colored pearl earrings.

Here's to the richest most elegant fall weddings! Cheers!
♥ Elizabeth

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big. Bold. Rings.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect statement ring and have been dazzled by some of the finds on Etsy! So many quirky, fun and unique pieces. Join me in throwing practicality out the window, and enjoy these dramatic cocktail rings...

First on my list is the Sono Wood Ring by Sweet Simple on Etsy. There are so many things to love about this ring - the colors, the textures, the modern edge. I especially love the weighty, solid feel of this piece.

You'll be hard pressed to find more unique jewelry on Etsy than at Star of the East. This breathtaking Sea Urchin Ring is simply perfection. Pure white shell, warm antique copper, big impact.

Carved Turquoise? Didn't even know it was possible, but SO glad it is because this Arizona Carved Turquoise Ring by Club Gem is exquisite! I love the cushion-y illusion the carving gives.

This next fanciful find is just pure imaginative fun. This Kawaii Japanese Ring by Sou Zou Creations is the best way to wear your morning coffee!

Indulge your love affair with butterflies with this Monarch Butterfly Ring by Jennifer's Family Jewels. Made with real feathers, this ring is not only unique but incredibly beautiful.

And now if you'll allow a little shameless self-promotion, I'd like to showcase one of my own big and bold rings! Red Dahlia Cocktail Ring by Eternal Eden makes a vivid and velvety statement!

Wearable art? Yes! This Explode Ring by Broken Fingers Art is a hand drawn design that is absolutely exploding with originality!

This icy, crunchy Cocktail Ring by Lean Dog Pottery looks good enough to drink! So unique and completely one of a kind. One of my favorites...

And last (not least), this Old Fashioned Bicycle Ring by The River is Everywhere is anything but out-of-date! I'm so in love with the gorgeous green patina and delicate detail of this quirky ring. Brilliant!

I hope you've enjoyed these gorgeously eccentric finds. Until next time...
♥ Elizabeth

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shelter from the Swelter!

It is HOT! And humid, and the pool is 90 degrees...Frankly I just need to cool off! What better way to do that than to feed my growing obsession with the sweet soothing color of mint green? Yes. That sounds perfectly refreshing!

First I think I'll give myself a pedi with this Peppermint Foot Soak from BL Soaps and some nice cool water. Doesn't that look divine?

While my kickers soak, I'll light a Soy Aromatherapy Candle from Man in the Moon Herbs and breathe in the revitalization. Love the peppermint eucalyptus combination!

After I'm done with the pampering I'll slip into this vintage gem, a Cool Cotton Summer Dress from Revolving Styles. I feel so much cooler already...

And to complete the ensemble, a little of my own Mint Julep because it's my favorite new item in my Etsy Shop right now, and I'm pretty sure it brings my body temperature down a few degrees just by looking at it! :)

I hope everyone is a little more refreshed after enjoying these lovely finds. Stay cool!

♥ Elizabeth

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